Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez
Front-end DeveloperCoahuila, México

I'm a self-taught developer, who likes to create interesting projects that can help people do their chores more easily and fast.

  • typescript
  • javascript
  • next.js
  • nest.js
  • react.js
  • tailwindcss
  • node.js
  • postgresql
  • css
  • html


  • February, 2022 - July, 2023

    Front-end Developer @ Never8

    Maintaining and developing new features for a React.js project, as well as integrating its functionality with a REST API are my primary responsibilities as a Developer.

  • June, 2021 - February, 2022

    Front-end Developer @ EDteam

    I focused on maintaining a web application built with Next.js and JavaScript. To optimize the user experience, I collaborated in the development of a new static website using Next.js and TypeScript. This approach helped to reduce page overload and minimize the number of requests made to the server. In recent months, I assumed a leadership role and served as the main author for a significant rebuild of the entire web application.

  • March, 2019 - February, 2022

    Full-stack Developer @ Jo Automation Systems

    I developed and maintained both back-end and front-end projects created with JavaScript/TypeScript technologies.